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Guaranty conditions

Product quality assurance period (guaranty):

The minimum guaranty period for light batteries is 12 months, which is possible by sending the barcode serial number to the SMS system 10003837 or through www.BornaBattery.ir, if the desired date has passed, the battery will be out of guaranty.

The following items are not included in the warranty:

  • Deformation or breakage of the battery lid or case.
  • Fire due to defects in the car's electrical system or other accidents.
  • Damage, scratch or melting of battery poles for any reason.
  • Overcharging the battery or low charging due to bad performance of the alternator.
  • Voltage drop due to long maintenance or not using the battery for a long time
  • Sulfation of the plates inside the battery.
  • The drop of the electrolyte level from the edge of the plate or the electrolyte level being higher and lower than the maximum and minimum line of the electrolyte (not leveling the electrolyte level).
  • Adding non-standard acid or electrolyte or more than the specified limit.
  • Changing the color of the electrolyte (sludging of the positive plates).
  • Non-compliance of battery capacity with the actual power consumption required by the car.
  • Installing additional and non-standard electrical equipment on the car.
  • Any type of corrosion or distortion of the information on the guaranty card and invoice.

Note: Electrolyte testing, installation and charging costs are not included in the guaranty.

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