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Borna Battery Quality System

The course of global developments towards access to new technology and superior technology in providing products and services has made the importance of quality and the need to pay attention to it inevitable. Today, dealing with the category of quality is not a competitive advantage, but a response to a vital need. Increasing people's awareness, the need for innovation in technology, the globalization of business, increasing competition and the increasing growth of society's needs are among the factors that have forced managers and executives of production and service companies to pay more and more attention to the issue of product and service quality. Accordingly, with the establishment of Borna Battery Manufacturing Company, the category of quality and the creation of the quality department were put on the agenda as one of the most important topics of the organization in order to raise the level of satisfaction among customers.

The most important general goals in the quality department include the following:
– Raising the level of quality in manufactured products
– Improving people's and government's mental perceptions of the organization
– Helping the development and progress of the organization in the field of quality and technology
– Monitoring the performance of material receiving processes, manufacturing process, final product
– Identifying problems and obstacles, examining and analyzing and providing solutions and suggestions in order to reduce waste and rework in production. In order to achieve these goals, the structure of the quality affairs department includes the following departments:
1- Laboratory unit
The laboratory department includes electrical and mechanical, chemistry and quantum laboratory.
– Laboratory performance:
Borna Battery Laboratory is one of the cooperating laboratories of the Standard Department in the field of testing and testing automotive starter batteries. The laboratory of this organization is equipped with Digatron devices (charge and discharge), oven (heating and cooling), rocking test, vibration and mechanical and physical equipment in the field of testing and testing car starter batteries and is able to perform routine tests of the battery industry.
– Technical standards:
This company uses ISIRI, EN, KES, PSA, JIS, SAE standards to control the final production of its products.
- Pre-production control:
After the raw materials enter the quarantine warehouse of the company, all the raw materials are sampled by the quality inspectors and in parallel with the appearance tests, various tests of physical, chemical, dimensional properties and other parameters affecting the product in the chemical and quantum laboratory, in order to verify the materials. The preliminary is done and the final result is announced to the relevant departments to make further decisions.
- Final product control:
Before packing the product to be sent to the customers, some samples are randomly selected with appropriate statistical distribution and after performing all the necessary tests and analyzes and ensuring the performance and durability tests, the result is announced to the relevant units for issuing the product export license.
– periodic tests:
All the quality control tests performed periodically and at specific time intervals are performed on the product so that the monitoring of corrective measures and improvement on the products is carried out continuously and the production process is monitored over time.
2- Quality assurance unit
In order to play a fundamental and continuous role in meeting domestic and foreign needs, Borna Battery Manufacturing Company has been able to put technological improvement, technical knowledge and customer satisfaction at the top of its performance and pay more attention to these things than any other component.
The quality assurance unit of Borna Battery Manufacturing Company is managed under the supervision of the CEO, who is the highest executive officer of the company, and it functions as an independent unit due to its sensitive and important role in guiding and managing the systems established in the company.
Guaranteeing the quality of the products produced by this company in accordance with the quality standards and criteria defined in the company as well as the national and international standards and parameters is a factor that ensures the high quality of the product for customers and car consumers.
The management of the company has established its quality management systems based on ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 9001:2008 standards with the aim of creating a suitable work environment and as a way to be effectively present in the competitive field and global markets.
Also, the specific requirements of the country's automobile manufacturers, including Iran Khodro, Saipa, Bahman Motor, Iran Khodro Diesel, Saipa Diesel, and Diyar Khodro, have been considered in the implementation structure of quality management systems.
While reporting the status of these systems to the CEO, the quality assurance unit supervises and checks the correct performance of various departments and measures and monitors the work routine and professionalism of the established management systems.
Also, by being in charge of the management of these systems, while supervising the precise implementation and basic implementation of the structural components of the systems, which is one of the main duties of this unit, it acts on the effectiveness of the systems established in the company by conducting periodic audits.
In order to prove that the systems established in the company are current, this unit has developed activities through the management of documents and quality records, and by evaluating the effectiveness of the company's processes, including operational, support, and management processes, it has taken steps to improve the functioning of these processes.
This unit also has a direct impact on the increase of general and professional knowledge and information of personnel through continuous research in discovering the training needs of personnel, in line with work needs and performance standards, and through cooperation with relevant departments. By becoming an informed and responsive focal point on behalf of the company, the quality assurance unit has created a reliable relationship with legal authorities, customers, interested groups, as well as scientific assemblies and organizations related to the systems established in the company.
Preparation and preparation of performance monitoring reports, in accordance with the standard and in line with management plans to achieve quality, environmental and safety goals, is also considered as one of the duties of the quality assurance unit.
3- Control and inspection unit
- Control during production:
After carrying out the production process in the manufacturing department, samples are taken from the prepared product and by observing all the technical principles and existing standards and based on the quality control instructions specific to each product, other mechanical and physical or chemical properties of the product are measured and if the measurement parameters match done with the allowed and expected range, the result is announced to the production part.
4- Quality engineering unit
The use of inspection techniques during the production of a product and the use of standard methods to determine and control the quality characteristics of products is for the reason that the product sent to the customer is free of any defects and to ensure the customer's confidence in receiving the products with the same and favorable conditions from to attract a qualitative opinion.
Therefore, the quality engineering unit of the organization is planned to calculate indicators affecting product performance such as CP, CPK, CG, CGK by using modern methods (such as seven quality tools) by tracking the product by calculating indicators such as PPM in both internal and external areas. And also the management of quality tools with the MSA method (measurement system analysis) and the use of comprehensive statistical topics in line with the control of the statistical process of the product such as SPC and the promotion of general knowledge and increasing the awareness of personnel through the formulation of effective training on quality by localizing knowledge through The expansion of corrective measures in order to prevent the occurrence of errors has taken steps to make error avoidance and self-control a criterion for its performance.
5- Education unit
Training is always considered as a reliable means to improve the quality of performance and solve management problems, and its lack is one of the basic and acute issues of any organization. Therefore, in order to equip the human resources of the organization and to improve and use this force as effectively as possible, training is considered one of the most important and effective measures and factors to improve the affairs of the organization.
– Reasons for the need to train employees:
The factors that make employee training necessary can be categorized as follows:
1. The incr

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